Leave At Your Pleasure

Imagine. You paid for your airline ticket weeks ago, checked-in online while rushing to the airport, but because you showed up just as the attendants closed the gate, they will not permit you to board. You try to explain that you were caught up in traffic or that your very important meeting ran long. They don’t care. You weren’t there when they told you to be there, so you’ll have to make other arrangements.

When you fly with Stark Airways, you won’t be denied boarding just because you are a few minutes late. Our plane won’t take off without you. If your meeting goes longer than expected, we’ll wait. If you’re caught in traffic, we’ll wait. When your plans change, our plans change with them. We’ll work with you to make whatever adjustments you need us to make in order to accommodate your schedule.

You have enough stress in your life. Flying shouldn’t be part of it. Call Stark Airways today and change the way you fly.

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