Arrive With Your Luggage

When you fly airlines, you have to roll or carry your luggage all through the airport—unless, of course, you prefer to stand in line and check your bag. Most airlines will charge you a fee for each bag. And if your bag is even one-quarter ounce over 50 pounds, you’ll have to pay an additional charge of $90 or more. Oh, be sure you don’t lock your luggage, just in case a TSA agent finds cause to rummage around through your belongings. Then hope after all that, that your luggage actually is loaded onto the same plane you’re on.

Once you arrive at your destination airport, you get to wait while all the passengers’ bags are unloaded. Watch out for people elbowing you to get in position around the carousel to grab their bags as you watch for yours. Hope no one takes your bag because it looks similar to theirs. Hope your luggage doesn’t come out looking like someone has played kickball with it. And don’t panic if your luggage doesn’t come out at all; the airlines recover 98 percent of all lost bags eventually. Just be sure to fill out a claim form immediately. (You weren’t in any hurry to get to your destination venue, were you?)

With Stark Airways, you can simply have your driver pull right up to our airplane, and we’ll unload your luggage for you as you make yourself comfortable in the aircraft. We’ll handle your bags with care, and we won’t need to look through them. You can rest assured your bags will arrive with you. If you have a car waiting for you at your destination, at many airports the driver can meet you at the plane, and we’ll load your bags right into the vehicle. You won’t need to lift a finger.

Long lines, ridiculous fees, mishandled bags, and lost luggage can be a thing of the past. Call Stark Airways today and change the way you fly.

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