Stark Airways

We are one of the most popular jet charter providers in Northeast Ohio. Our customers are drawn to our immaculately maintained Citation III & VII aircraft and to our professional, courteous flight crews, the nation’s leading air charter buyers call us first.

We are based in Akron, Ohio and can fly non-stop to all but the western-most regions of the United States, or with a quick fuel stop, to anywhere in North America, including Canada, Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean.

Why Charter

  • Leave at a time that is best suited to your schedule, even at a moment’s notice.
  • Utilize airports not served by the airlines, airports that are usually closer and more convenient.
  • No security lines or crowds
  • No airline terminal delays
  • No lost luggage

Travel In Luxury

Flying first class on an airliner is nice. Chartering a flight with Stark Airways takes "first class" to a whole new level.

Leave At Your Pleasure

The airlines can’t hold up a flight just because your plans have changed...
but Stark Airways can!

Bypass Security Lines.

Even frequent airline flyers need to go through security lines. Here at Stark Airways, passengers don't need to.

Arrive With Your Luggage

Ever get on the plane and then worry that your bags won’t? You won’t need to worry when you fly Stark Airways.